Going Green: EcoSmart

My hippie-Buddhist mentality hates the thought of killing bugs in general, but sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. Ever since we moved into this house after many years of apartment dwelling, we’ve had issues with ants like I’ve never seen. It’s not so bad now with the rainy season over, but I’m still amazed at their persistence. Despite my continual efforts to keep this joint as clean as possible, they still sniff us out like the place reeks of a Cheetos farm or something. In just four months, we went through two (three?) cans of Raid, which I really didn’t feel like spreading around. After finishing off the latest batch, hubs went to the store to get more. To my surprise, he did some research there and came back with a little eco-present that I’d like to shout about from the mountaintop.

All hail EcoSmart! This stuff is fantastic; all-natural and safe for pets, kids, birds, wildlife, and the water supply. One of the reasons that I liked Raid so much was how fast it took out the ants.  If I’m gonna send them to their doom, I’d rather it be a quick offing. I’ve had other sprays that just left me feeling even more guilty because it wasn’t the speediest reaction. The EcoSmart spray isn’t lightening-bolt instant, but it’s pretty darn close. I’m 100% sold. If you’re sensitive to smell, I will warn you that it can be pretty overwhelming if you lay it on thick. It kind of reminds me of spicy rootbeer-flavored hard candy, but as if you had one shoved up each nostril.

I definitely will explore some of their other products, especially the insect repellent. Mosquitos apparently look at my blood supply like a gorge-fest at Golden Corral. Our soon-to-be garden will probably need some assistance, too, so it’s nice to see that they offer a line for that.

If you’ve got this available to you and are in the need, especially with pets and children, check it out! To find where to buy EcoSmart products, click here.


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