Posterama: Vintage European Posters

Saving my favorite for last, today’s posterama nod goes to Vintage European Posters. We’ve all seen some of these images before, especially with the oversaturated offering of prints that ran through the decor mill in recent years, but I will tell you this — There is nothing like seeing the originals in the flesh.

As an advertising major, I’ve always been drawn to ad art, especially of this style. Travel posters seem to be tops on my list. A few weeks ago when hubs and I drove over to Menlo Park for the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend gathering, we strolled along the vendor displays until I almost tripped over my own jaw on the ground.


I’m surprised they let me stand as close as I did with all the drool rolling out of my mouth. They were gorgeous. Colorful. Bold. Awesome. Sauce.

Granted, they are out of my personal price range, but not outrageous given what they are and the history. I’d build a wall just to have a place for one of these beauties to hang. They’ve got a plethora of David Klein‘s amazing work, as well. There’s a delicate process involved to preserve these images (not to mention the amazing process that went into creating them in the first place), and to see them up-close like this is to know that it’s worth every penny. Someday… someday…

As per the norm, I’ll leave you with some of my favorites to roll into the weekend. If this sort of thing butters your bread, do yourself a solid and stroll over to their site for a look-see at their mind-blowing collection.

Until next week, cookies!



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