My love affair with Jack

It's true. I am in love with another country's flag.

Dun dun DUNNN…

It's a graphic love affair, really. I don't even have a lick of British blood in me. Jack just works better. Yes, I know our flag is made of the same color scheme. But it's very… busy. With Jack… it's the symmetry. He's even-steven. Bold. Simple. Pleasing to the eye… and all eyes go to him when you walk in the room. He's hot.

Nothing against our stars and stripes, mind you. I'm totally down with the historic symbolism and such and I'm not calling for an overhaul, but American designers have blindfolds on when it comes to making it look good off the flag pole. It's easy to see why when the gold-standard of flag-design excellence, and seemingly the best we can do, has apparently come to rest with the American flag bikini. Hey — There wouldn't be a Wings/Wings-knock-off surf shop on every seaside corner without the elegant swimwear & beach towel combo available. For cripe's sake, designers! Take back your country! I'm throwing the gauntlet down on you to make us proud once again by reclaiming our flag from the depths of its koozie-laden prison. Impress me. I'll be waiting.

In the mean time, I'll make a kerfuffle over these items that get me all cock-a-hoop to the point of spilling out a bunch of verbal codswallop. Bob's your uncle. 

Union Jack Chair by Jane Hornsby

the Patty shoe by Irregular Choice 

Union jack rug 

VW Rug by Vivienne Westwood 


Recycled fabric dress by Wayne Hemingway in celebration of Green Britain Day

50s Retro fridge by SMEG 

Union jack mini 

And, of course, the Union Jack is the only flag that belongs on a Mini


Happy weekend, cookies.


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