Whatever happened to style?

While watching the Golden Globes this past Sunday (YAY Boardwalk Empire!) to get my film and TV fix, there came on a commercial for Chrysler. And it was fantastic.


Normally, I'd post about this on the Scatterbox blog, but aside from the overall production of this spot that got my inner ad major juiced up (gorgeous vintage 50s glamour theme, high-contrast, that sweet, trip-hoppy background music (the strings!)), what really topped it off for me was the message.

Style. Relaxation. Celebrating the moment.

It's no surprise that while everything in our modern society is focused on faster faster faster, be it obtaining information, multi-tasking ability, cramming more more more into our daily lives, we've lost touch with how to stop and smell the proverbial roses. (Something I make an effort to do literally, whenever the situation presents itself. Try it!) Seemingly gone are the days when we took pride in how we conducted and presented ourselves.


But that's a whole other rant of wax, so I digress.

I think this is one of the big draws to that post-war era (though you could really stretch it back to the 20s). The country and the world had just been through military hell and it was our way of dusting ourselves off and not taking things for granted, a theme that is definitely lost in a lot of modern-day areas of our lives. Well, that draw, as well as the allure of deranged, dream-crushed housewives, a set of pearls, and a martini.

Chrysler also owns Jeep, which explains the similarities between this campaign and the beautiful Jeep Grand Cherokee Manifesto ad that came out last year, hitting on the notion of pride in craftsmanship.

It's all about the little things, remember?

What do you take pride in?



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