Doodle Envy: Jessica Hische

If you’re in the illustration biz at all, you’re no doubt very well familiar with the name Jessica Hische. If you’re not in the illustration biz, you’ve probably seen her work before. In addition to her penchant for bad jokes and making up and buying “stupid URLs”, her self-titled “tweetable bio” pretty much sums up why I think she’s pretty nifty:

“Jessica Hische is a crazy cat lady known for her lettering, silly projects, and occasional foul mouth.”


And now for less quotation marks.

After graduating from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia, Jessica ended up honing her skills working at the studios of the fabulous Louise Fili Ltd. in New York. Since then, her typefaces and design have been in multiple publications, used on packaging, posters, Target gift cards, Old Navy commercials, and even a set of Barnes & Noble Classics.

Jessica Hische - Barnes & Noble Classics

Like many others, I first learned about Jessica through side project that found her appearing in many corners of the interwebz. Daily Drop Cap was a lettering exercise that had her drawing a single letter of the alphabet for each day, and running through the alphabet twelve times.

The online documentation and subsequent offerings of letterpressed prints allowed many eyes to stay glued, awaiting her next creative move. She’s since been known for other web fantasticals, like infographics titled Mom, This is How Twitter Works and Should I Work for Free?

This spring, Jessica makes it to the big screen, as her typeface is used for the title and opening credits for the upcoming Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom.

(On a side note, I’m loving the setting and set design for this movie!)

To learn more about Jessica and her work, visit her portfolio site (of course, with a great URL),, for links to all the goods.

(images via Jessica Hische)


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