Fun design games and online education from Method of Action

Method of Action games

Method of Action is “peer to peer education for people who want to get things done,” according to the site’s owners and developers, María Munuera and Mark MacKay. The concept is still in development, but the basic idea is a new type of online education with feedback from others who are further along in the discipline.

The site says it will have three topics of learning: design, entrepreneurship, and… gardening. Not sure how that last one got in there, but being a jack-of-all-trades, I’m open to it. Plus, I like to kill all things green, so… sign me up.

Method of Action

There is a spot on the home page where you can add yourself to the email list to be notified when the program is ready. Design will be the first course offered, and you can get a feel for it by testing your skills with three interactive games: Kern Type, Shape Type, and the just-released Color. Considering I have no prior professional learnings in graphic design, I was pretty proud of myself on the Kern game. Shape definitely needs some work. Color was fun, once I figured out which way to move the selector circles, and if you can make it through the whole thing without needing a new eyeglass prescription, then good on ya.

There’s no indication of any potential cost for the programs, so I’m not sure how that will shake out. Being a sucker for learning, combined with that whole lack-of-graphic-design-education thing, makes this all the more intriguing. That, and the whole not-killing-plants thing.

Try out the games and let me know how you did!

(via designworklife)


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